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Iomega 250MB IDE ATAPI Z250ATAPI Zip Drive PN 31167

Iomega 250MB IDE ATAPI Z250ATAPI Zip Drive PN 31167

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  • Model: Z250ATAPI
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  • Manufactured by: Iomega


Need a simple way to protect your important files on your computer? Grab Zip® 250MB Drive. With high-capacity disks that hold over 170X more than a floppy, a Zip 250MB Drive makes it easy to safeguard financial records, priceless family photos and sensitive personal information.

The Zip® 250MB Drive:
Automatic backup software for hassle-free backup
Ready to use the instant you plug it in
Password protect your files for extra confidentiality
Reads and writes Zip 250MB and 100MB Disk.

Compatibility with Zip 100MB Disks

The Zip 250 drive features backward compatibility that allows you to read and write to Zip 100MB* disks. Because of the higher capacity of the Zip 250 drive, however, performance when writing to a Zip 100MB disk is significantly reduced. This means that a large file that takes 10 seconds to write to a Zip 250MB* disk could take about 90 seconds to write to a Zip 100MB disk (using your Zip 250 ATAPI drive to write both disks).

To maximize performance of your Zip 250 drive, you should use Zip 250MB disks whenever you want to store new information. If you have existing data on 100MB disks, you can transfer it to Zip 250MB disks using the Iomega Copy Disk tool. See Copying Zip Disks.

Here are some important things to know about using 250MB and Zip 100MB disks and drives together:

If the Zip 250 drive appears to hang when you are writing to a Zip 100MB disk, you can verify that the drive is operating correctly by checking that the green activity light is blinking irregularly (a slow steady blink may indicate a problem with the drive). If there is a slow, steady blink, try pushing the disk eject button to eject the disk, then reinserting the disk.

You can use the Short Format option if you need to format a Zip 100MB disk in a Zip 250 drive; the Long Format option is not supported for Zip 100MB disks in the Zip 250 drive.

A Zip 250MB disk cannot be used in a Zip 100 drive; the Zip 100 drive will automatically reject a 250MB disk.